About Us

Our dry food trade, which started in 1981 with a retail store in Mısır Çarşısı (Grand Old Bazaar), continues today with production, packaging and sales activities in our more modern facilities.

As Öz Dış Ticaret, we have a production capacity of 3 thousand tons of dried figs and 4 thousand tons of dried apricots in a total closed area of 6.000 m2.

About 40 years of experience in the sector and through new communication channels as Öz Dış Ticaret, we listen to our suppliers and end consumers, we understand and work with our quality products and services knowing what our customers expect from us.

Our focus is on customer satisfaction. For this purpose, we apply our principles that prioritize quality product, right price and timely delivery.

As Öz Dış Ticaret, we are trying to bring our natural products which are produced in our country, especially dried apricots and dried figs, to the people all over the world. We are currently aiming to increase our exports to 30 countries and to 70 countries by 2023.


To be a company that provides the right quality and price as well as meeting the supply at the right time, value the people ranging from colleagues, partners, and the end consumers, and meet the expectations of the consumers at the highest level with its wide product range in the world.


To be a preferable brand which manufactures continuously and sustainably high quality and innovative products, improves itself continuously with modern methods without disturbing the naturalness of traditional products, offer products which are manufactured or will be manufactured and can be consumed both inside and outside of the borders of Turkey, make people feel better and consume our products with pleasure.